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Here is a partial list of customers who were happy to comment about the great work we have done for them.  Join our long list of happy customers!

Very professional and efficient. Took the required time to pre-plan to ensure safety issues were considered and placement of television was done properly. Pleased with clean-up after and demonstration of use of handheld control. Thank you.
We are very pleased with our set-up of our new TV. The TV is on the wall, is square, looks great. Our installers went well beyond the call of duty for us. They were professional, polite and considerate. Thanks to them and thanks to Dell. We love it.
Excellent Service! Thank you!
Excellent and just Service. A very thorough job
Excellent workmanship, very clean, personal
Excellent! Very Professional, polite, timely and personable. I would recommend Jan and his son to anyone looking for help for setting their system. Thanks
TECH's were very nice and well knowledgeable. Would recommend to everyone
Installation was excellent, Future Shop caused some problems but everything concluded well

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